Clever as vegan

We KNOW you are looking to change your life, that of those around you, care about the environment, want to remove toxic products and choices from your day to day, worry about animal’s well being. You wish to just feel overall happier, healthier and more at ease with yourself: have a clear conscience.

Your INTENTIONS will now turn into ACTION. We will help you truly see all of those choices where you have been sort-of…well, ruining it. Here you can find information that will open your eyes, maneuver you into a U-turn and rush the other way!

Clever as vegan helps you understand why all of those vegan weirdos chose to stop eating meat, taste delicious gourmet diary and buy birthday cakes. Here you can find some reason – and sarcasm – as to why your life needs a little shaking up, too.

Again. Welcome. And you’re welcome. We promise to be gentle.

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